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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Do you have faith in reason?

Can faith and reason coexist? There are some who think they can, in spite of the fact that faith – the sort of faith they're talking about – is the type that allows you to believe in the unproven and unprovable (some would say impossible).

While faith sometimes calls for belief in something that goes beyond a person's ability to understand, faith is never against reason, participants in a Vatican–Iranian Catholic–Muslim dialogue have decided, in good faith, no doubt, but some might say unreasonably.

"Faith and reason are both gifts of God to mankind," the meeting's final statement said. "Faith and reason do not contradict each other, but faith might in some cases be above reason, but never against it."

Perhaps you can sort out whether it's reasonable to hold blind faith in magical entities. Only the faithful will tell you that it is, I suspect.

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