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Friday, 2 May 2008

Let's all weep for the Catholics

Scotland's Catholic schools are not getting a good enough press. Well, there's a lack of "positive" media coverage. It amounts to the same thing.

This is the essence of the latest bleatings from the homophobic Cardinal Keith O'Brien, leader of Scotland's Catholics, who has been telling the Catholic Headteachers' Association of Scotland that there is "determined and blatant bias" against Catholic "education" in the Scottish media. (Oh, sorry about the scare quotes around "education": it's just hard to put "Catholic" and "education" in the same phrase, somehow.)

He's been telling this conference, "I challenge them – quite simply – to tell the truth about Catholic schools in Scotland: to acknowledge their considerable contribution to Scotland's welfare, to recognise their distinctive provision, to praise their achievements and to pledge their support."

Well, OK, all schools give something good to the children in their charge – and even Catholic ones teach more than, you know, the funny stuff (maybe the fairy stories are their "distinctive provision") – but, given this weird indoctrination they force on their charges, perhaps the carping, complaining cardinal should be glad such "educaton" is tolerated at all.

See also "Let your media be our message, says Catholic wannabe censor".

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