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Saturday, 3 May 2008

London celebrates the end of "Newt" Labour!

Not since the end of the Second World War, can there have been such a tangible sense of jubilation and liberation in London. At last, the curse of Ken Livingstone and his odious retinue of gay hysterics, sour-puss feminists, back-room Trotskyists and religious extremists has been banished by Boris Johnson and a fresh, forward-looking Conservative administration. Ordinary Londoners can at last breathe a collective sigh of relief.

As we travelled home tonight, there was an unmistakable buzz of excitement. People were smiling and unusually courteous and good-humoured. The party atmosphere on the Tube was added to by young city workers wearing paper hats made from the folded front page of the Evening Standard, displaying the triumphant headline "Boris Is The Mayor."

In spite of Ken Livingstone donning traditional Islamist garb as he trawled through London's mosques in a bid to drum up support among bewildered Muslims, a newly confident, shrewd and pro-freedom London asserted itself magnificently, determined to throw off the yoke of political correctness, in the same way it shrugged off the Blitz, the IRA and Al Qaeda.

Now we have a superbly educated, self-effacing mayor, who doesn't take himself too seriously and instinctively recognises that there is more to London than just radical Muslims and grumpy lesbians – other minorities, including well-educated white heterosexual men, are also part of the fabric of this great capital city.

Predictably, political pundits, like the veteran socialist, Tony Benn, have completely misunderstood this defeat, trotting out their tired old clich├ęs. According to him, Londoners were simply protesting against the Iraq War and privatisation. Nonsense! They were protesting against things much closer to home.

Under "Newt" Labour, the vast majority of ordinary Londoners have been clobbered at every turn. Year on year, Ken's tin-pot socialist regime has found new ways to tax us, slow us down, micro-manage us and spy on us – all the while, berating, insulting and harassing the very people he was elected to serve.

But more than anything, Ken's cosying up to the Islamist cleric, Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi, sounded the death knell of his political career. You simply cannot endorse an individual who excuses suicide bombings, however limited in scope, then stand on the steps of Trafalgar Square just a few months later shedding tears for the TV cameras when homegrown suicide bombers decide they too have just cause to commit indiscriminate murder.

This week, Londoners decided they'd had enough of this clapped-out clown with his smug, adenoidal, Kenneth Williams voice. We don't want to be micro-managed by "Newt" Labour's apparatchiks anymore. We just want the freedom to drive a car, live in a nice house and have our bins emptied once a week. Without persecution or interference.

And let's add to that wish-list the right to catch the bus to work without fear of its being blown up, or coming home to find our kids have been shot at in the playground. If socialism has to die to achieve this dream, then so be it.

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