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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Let's have more segregation, says Scottish leader

A Muslim school would just hinder integration in Scotland. That's the view of most sensible people, of course, but it's also that of Sam Galbraith, a former Scottish education minister, who's against a move that the Scottish Nationals' Alex Salmond, the First Minister, supports.

Galbraith says it would be a "retrograde step" in this Scotsman story, which says, "Campaigners are planning to submit a detailed proposal for the faith school to Glasgow City Council within two months and officials last night confirmed they would consult on the proposal."

Our worthy leaders won't be happy, of course, till all children are in ghettos saying their religion is better than the other kids' religions.

Scotland is lucky in that it doesn't have any Muslim schools yet, whereas south of the border there are more than a hundred, both private and state-supported. However, Scotland does have more than four hundred publicly funded Roman Catholic schools.

A spokesman for Alex Salmond said, "We are very much sympathetic to the idea [of a Muslim school]. The First Minister is supportive. He thinks that faith schools are a good thing and they make a great contribution to Scotland. The issue is whether there is a sustainable demand for them."

Well, of course there'll be a demand among the religious, who think their children should be made to talk to the same invisible people they talk to. As we've already seen with the London government, those in power don't like to upset the men in frocks. And don't forget the madness evident in our earlier story below.

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