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Friday, 16 May 2008

Post 101

Well, it's our one hundred and oneth post, so we thought, Why not? We've all heard of Room 101 on the telly. Why not a Blog Post 101?

We've nominated, in no particular order but numbered for convenience, our top six for being consigned to the dreaded Room 101.
  1. Tony Blair for being a prat, by thinking religion will solve all the world's problems
  2. Pope Ratzinger, for being a prat, by seeming to approve of, or at least perform only a half-hearted apology for, all the lives ruined because his foot soldiers couldn't keep their peckers in their pants (as well as being Pope Ratzinger).
  3. The entire Catholic Church, for being a collective prat.
  4. Islamic extremism for being Islamic extremism, and because those who call for gays to be thrown off cliff tops are not just prats, but dangerous prats (these two links have exciting video in CinemaScope and Technicolor, folks).
  5. Religion in schools, which is prattish, because kids have, by law, to talk to a sky fairy whether they want to or not.
  6. Homophobia in the Church of England, where some are more liberal, but the rest are prats.
Any more ideas, anyone?

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