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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Visions of sanity

Visions of Ecstasy, a film by Nigel Wingrove, may now get a certificate from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), after first being denied one because it might upset the men in frocks.

Back in 1989, the BBFC didn't like the mixture of soft porn and religious themes. This barmy decision (if, indeed, it was taken just for those reasons: that the Anglican Church might be a bit miffed) was, bizarrely, upheld by the European Court of Human Rights, who, it seems, thought freedom of expression not important enough to protect.

With the British blasphemy law due to be rescinded next month, it seems the BBFC are asking Wingrove to resubmit it, although so far he hasn't made up his mind.

The website Melon Farmers gives a tasty summary, beginning thus:

The action of the film centres upon a youthful actress dressed as a nun and intended to represent St Teresa. It begins with the nun, dressed loosely in a black habit, stabbing her own hand with a large nail and spreading her blood over her naked breasts and clothing. In her writhing, she spills a chalice of communion wine and proceeds to lick it up from the ground.

You get the idea. It would be nice to have it on YouTube, but below is a nice spoofy little animated one to keep us going.


Hat tip MediaWatchWatch.

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