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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Roll up, roll up! Get your half-price Koran here!

If you're a cop in Amsterdam you'll be able to buy a Koran at half the normal price. That's according to the Religion News blog, which says they'll get the special deal if they buy Dutch writer Kader Abdolah's new translation.

The authorities seem to think the police need to read the Koran in order to understand more about Islam. If that's the case, do they all read the Bible to learn more about Christianity? The Tanakh, the better to understand Judaism? The Ramayana to understand Hindus? How about the entire shooting scripts of the Star Wars movies to understand the Jedi?

One has to wonder whether police have enough paperwork to deal with without having to read ancient scriptures in order to understand the minds of potential criminals. If a person commits a crime, be he/she Muslim, Jew, Christian, atheist or druid, is that not what counts? Or is there going to be a religious excuse now?

Do police need to understand just why a Muslim might make a death threat towards a fellow human being? "Oh, it's a fatwa. That's OK, then."

Religion News says, "Right-wing Party for Freedom (PVV) MPs are outraged by the plan, with Sietse Fritsma calling it 'Islam propaganda' and saying that public money should not be spent on it. On Tuesday, the PVV will demand the government intervene to scrap the plan."

I'm just waiting now for the protests. How dare they sell the Holy Koran at half-price. Have they no decency? This is an insult to the Holy Prophet (pbuh). It is most un-Islamic! Where are the Dutch flags? Pass me the matches.

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