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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Embryology Bill: the next stage

As widely expected, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill got over its latest hurdle in the House of Commons yesterday, surviving its second reading (340 votes to 78), and will now go on to the close-scrutiny stage.

"Some Labour MPs", says the BBC, "have said they will fight [some] measures – which include creating embryos with animal and human material to grow stem cells for research. Health Secretary Alan Johnson said research would be subject to a 'strict legal and ethical framework'."

Well, they always say that, and we'd be wrong to put our trust automatically in the word of politicians. However, be that as it may, let's hope discussion proceeds based on reason, not on religion. And, if there are aspects of the possible consequences of this Bill that could be harmful to mankind and are better not let out of Pandora's Box in the first place, let's hope that decision, too, is based on what is good for human beings, not only on what will appease the sky fairies.

FOOTNOTE: the latest Jesus and Mo offering, which became available only today, is not only funny, but apt and bang up to date.

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