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Saturday, 17 May 2008

As the planet reaches bursting point, procreation is still top of the agenda

The Catholic mouthpiece the Tablet reminds us today just how important it is to continue to expect the planet to sustain irresponsible breeding.

Pope Ratzo has said that the anti-birth-control papal document Humanae Vitae, published 40 years ago by Pope Paul VI, is as relevant today as it was then.

"The truth expressed in Humanae Vitae does not change; on the contrary, in light of new scientific discoveries, its teaching is becoming more current and is provoking reflection," the Tablet quotes him as saying some days before. It goes on:

Interestingly, the Pope never specifically denounced the use of artificial ontraception or assisted fertilisation by name. But he did insist that the natural law on which Humanae Vitae is based must be defended. "The transmission of life is inscribed in nature and its laws remain as the unwritten norm to which everyone must refer. Every attempt to divert attention from this principle remains sterile and does not produce a future," he said.

The fact is that the planet is reaching bursting point, with every new human being making claims – basic ones as well as manmade ones according to his or her economic status – on the ecosystem. But potty Catholics continue to call for more and more people.

The world population 48 years ago was about 2.5 billion (thousand millions), and estimated to be about 3.69 billion in 1970, just two years after Humanae Vitae; today it is around 6.6 billion; by 2050, it is expected to reach 8.9 billion.

And they wonder why so many people think Catholic leaders evil as well as downright bonkers.

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Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons the right-wing Catholics in this country urge the faithful to procreate is that they fear British Muslims are breeding faster than they are.