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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Celebrity atheists

Feeling rather bored this Bank Holiday Monday, I decided to Google famous people who are nonbelievers, and came across the very enlightening Celebrity Atheist List, which has been “serving up godless celebs since 1995”.

The site lists well-known people who are atheist, agnostic or “ambiguous”, each category divided into an easy-to-use A to Z, and I had loads of fun looking through some of the entries.

Though many of the entries aren’t likely to surprise you – Woody Allen, Russell T Davies, Richard Dawkins, for example – there are many others who might.

One of my favourite entertainers is Terry Wogan, who is listed on the site in the ambiguous category. Reading his entry reminded me of the time a few years back when he was the guest on BBC Radio Four’s Desert Island Discs. When asked what book, together with the Bible, he’d like to take with him on his fictional desert island, he replied that he’d definitely not be taking the Bible.

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