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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Campaigners get a "Christian" welcome

Three gay-rights campaigners seem to have been knocked about a bit by frothing homophobic Christians.

According to today's Independent, Peter Tatchell and two others, including a Ugandan Christian, walked calmly into a conference at which 750 or so of the worst elements of Christianity had gathered for a homophobic hate-fest.

Well, to be fair, the Indie doesn't say they're the worst elements. I'm saying that.

Anyway, the gathering, "at which rebel bishops were trying to attract recruits to a network for Anglicans who believe all same-sex relationships should be condemned", was at All Souls' Church in London, and followed the GAFCON event in Jerusalem last week, where some of these people were gathered, seething in their obsessive hatred of same-sex relationships.

"We were punched and physically ejected," Tatchell tells the paper. "We were very polite. We folded up our banners and tried to walk into the conference. They did not say a word to us, they just started punching and shoving."

The rebels have decided to establish a global network for Anglicans opposed to the Church's recognition of gay relationships and women bishops, to be headed by a "primates' council".

Would these be the sorts of primates I'm thinking of at this moment?

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Stuart Hartill said...

Readers of this blog may be interested to know that if you try and 'correct' the version of this story run by the Daily Telegraph (which intimates Peter Tatchell barged into a room full of polite Anglicans, rather being the polite minority being forcefully evicted) your comment will not make it on to the blog.
I have made several very reasonably worded attempts without success, meanwhile 57 varieties of hatemonger seem to be making it without problems.