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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Vatican regrets . . .

It's no surprise that the seriously demented people in the Vatican have expressed regret at the Church of England's welcoming of women bishops. But I thought I'd mention it, since we've been on the subject.

The madmen in the Vatican say the ruling would present a "new obstacle" to reconciliation between the so-called "Holy See" and the Anglican Communion.

"We learned with regret the news of the vote of the Church of England that opens the way to the introduction of legislation that would lead to the ordination of women bishops," the Vatican said in a statement.

Well poor bloody "Holy See"! Perhaps Anglicans ought just to tell them they're an out-of-date bunch of wankers who have no relevance in today's world. In their own chosen form of language, of course, which I'm sure would be more mealy-mouthed than mine!

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