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Friday, 4 July 2008

In the Green corner . . .

Remember Stephen "Birdshit" Green's petition pleading not to have to pay the court costs after his woeful attempt to bring the BBC to book over Jerry Springer: the Opera? He hasn't got many signatures (1,090 when I checked shortly after 10 a.m. today), but a counterpetition organised by Roger Utting is already pulling 'em in.

It's been up for a shorter period than Green's, and already (at the same time today) has 727 signatures. After you've read this, no doubt it'll get a few more. And it's worth noting that many who signed Green's online petition did so only so that they could leave suitably robust comments.

I'm glad to see that the counterpetition has been signed by the excellent songwriter and comedian (of Now Show fame, among much more) Mitch Benn, who says by way of comment:

Stephen Green and his Christian Voice organisation bullied a cancer charity [Maggie's Centres] into rejecting a £10,000 donation raised by JSTO. They held their own right to take offence to be more important than the suffering of the sick and dying. They present themselves as the defenders of Christian decency and yet they wouldn’t know true Christian decency if it jumped up and bit them. Stephen Green brought this misfortune upon himself through ego and arrogance. You sowed it, Mr Green. Now reap it.


Hat tip: Freethinker

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