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Saturday, 5 July 2008

That stained-glass ceiling again

They're talking about women bishops at the Church of England Synod today. Some "traditionalists" (read "bigots") don't want them. The argument – if you can call it that – seems to be that Jesus called twelve men as his apostles.

Er, well, it would have been a bit difficult in those says to call a woman, wouldn't it? Is their Jesus of all time or just his own time, the time when he walked as a mortal upon the earth? If he's of all time (which Christians claim he is), and if we live in a time when women are playing active roles in all walks of life (which we do), shouldn't there be a place for women bishops? Just asking, because it seems rather obvious to me.

The "traditionalists" have "formed an alliance with evangelicals who have their own biblical reasons – the belief that men should have authority over women – for demanding the imposition of special conditions before women are ordained as bishops", says Robert Piggott, the BBC's religious affairs chappie, in this story.

If these bozos are not happy to answer to women, they should move out of their jobs. If you (you're male for the sake of this argument) or I worked for an organisation and we suddenly found ourselves with a woman next up in seniority – as I and many others have – we'd be expected to get on with the job, whether we objected or not.

Women exist, and are in roles around us, and often do a damned sight better than men. Get used to it.

There's also some sort of irony – not seriously part of the argument, I know – that these prancing queens doll themselves up in garb that would put a Gay Pride parade to shame, and can't stand the fact that a woman might recite some prayers, confer a blessing or make an administrative decision that would affect the diocese.

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