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Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Price of bigotry

We reported in June how a 25-year-old man was teased and humiliated for being gay, and his boss even sent him a toilet roll holder with fairies on it as a gift.

"Stephen Price's ordeal began almost as soon as he began working at the Coleg Trefeca centre with, 40-year-old Mair Jones, his manager," this Pink News story tells us.

The centre is a 37-bed retreat run by the Presbyterian Church in Wales and used by church groups from all over the country.

Well we're happy to report that a tribunal has now awarded Price £11,924 for constructive dismissal. The tribunal judge, Dr Rachel Davies, said, "He started as a cheerful and enthusiastic young man and there is no evidence of a vindictive side to his nature nor that his claims were fabricated. Mair Jones treated him less favourably than if he were a heterosexual man. She subjected him to considerable harassment.

"We are satisfied this came within the most serious category. We have found that Mr Price suffered grotesquely discriminatory conduct on the part of Mair Jones for 10 weeks followed by seriously incompetent discrimination on the part of the church."
Hat tip: Freethinker

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