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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Protest by "miserable, glum weirdos" doesn't set Wales ablaze

Stephen "Birdshit" Green's Christian Voice are not happy bunnies at the moment, and have been protesting at the offices of a Wales newspaper, the South Wales Echo.

They were a bit miffed about a column by Dan O'Neil, which posed the question, "If God considers gays an abomination, why did he create them?" The column was published on 16 July, and in it O'Neil said:

Our Carmarthen-based zealot was at it again this week. Outraged at the appearance in Britain of Gene Robinson, the American bishop blanked by the CoE because he’s openly gay (as opposed to being secretly gay like dozens of his peers) the Prophet Green of Christian Voice thundered: “It is a sad day when you get a bishop in a church preaching something that God himself called an abomination.”

He then wonders how Green might have wondered about Jesus's own behaviour, and spoofs him as saying, “This Jesus feller swans around all day with a dozen other blokes. No women. Mark that, no women. And he wanders off into the mountains now and again to spend quality time with his, uh, favourites (Mark.9:2). He picks up small boys and girls and puts his hands upon them (Mark 10:16) And he was seen in a garden when one of his mates came up and kissed him (Matthew,26:48). Suspicious, eh?"

A post today by the  Welsh blogger the Cynical Dragon informs us:

Word has reached me (not the "word" by the way, I'm still a committed atheist) that the offices of the South Wales Echo have been invaded by a crack detachment of the South Wales God Squad. Thomson House's foyer this morning was the scene of ugly demonstrations (well the leaflets and message were pretty dreadful) complaining about the blasphemy in [. . .] the Echo.

After being asked to leave the building, the Christian Voice Six apparently sang hymns outside. The Cynical Dragon has a couple of updates, the last of which says he or she walked past the office later and four miserable-looking evangelists were still there.

"Why are fundamentalists such a bunch of miserable, glum weirdos?" he/she asks.

Why indeed?
Hat tip MediaWatchWatch

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Baal's Bum said...

"Why are fundamentalists such a bunch of miserable, glum weirdos?"
It's because everything that is fun or desirable is a sin, even thinking about it. Especially the jealousy they feel when all around them are people getting on with their lives and sometimes even having the audacity to be seen enjoying parts of it. The glum ones don't even have the release of being able to have a secret something because the all seeing grumpy old man sees all.