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Friday, 25 July 2008

Treat Muslims better, UK told

Some "energetic measures" are needed to deal with negative public attitudes towards Muslims in Britain, according to the nine-member UN Human Rights Committee. It's concerned that "negative public attitudes" towards Muslims continue to be allowed.

According to a story published today in the UK's Telegraph's online edition, these energetic measures should be taken to eliminate "this phenomenon and ensure that authors of such acts of discrimination on the basis of religion are adequately deterred and sanctioned".

This is a committee of legal experts from Britain and Ireland and several other countries, including from Europe and South America.

One way to prevent a negative attitude towards Muslims – one that is not evident against other religious groups, note, or, if so, in a much smaller degree – is for the Muslims themselves to stop coming over as a whingeing, whining bunch of humourless pillocks. Well, it's usually those who claim to be their leaders who are guilty of this (we rarely know what the ordinary Muslim thinks), and you can see several stories on this blog (type "Muslim" into the blog's search box at the top) and others that show Muslims complaining about things we take for granted, and often getting their way.

No wonder there's resentment among the indigenous community when stories appear concerning Muslims, whether they're about cartoons, pictures of animals, ads for swimwear, medications, Christians being turfed out of a "Muslim area" or demands to put an end to perceived insults to Islam. And they're just a few. And not all of them are sourced from the likes of the Daily Mail.

If they accepted the norms and traditions of their host countries more willingly they might face negativity only from racists and similar nutters, and not those who, like us, are concerned only with their constant religious demands.

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