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Monday, 14 July 2008

Tutu good!

It shouldn't surprise us that South Africa's Archbishop Desmond Tutu (pictured) supports gay rights and freedoms, but it's nice to acknowledge it, simply because he's one of the more acceptable and likable faces of Christianity.

He's now pleaded with the Anglican Communion to "show unity as it tries to reconcile the views of liberals and evangelicals over homosexuality", according to an article today in the online Pink News.

The story quotes Tutu as telling Sky News, "The Anglican church prides itself – and this is one of its greatest attributes – it prides itself on being the church that is comprehensive, meaning that it includes all kinds of points of view."

Seventy-six-year-old Tutu, a veteran of South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle and the winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, said he felt the church should move together on the topic of homosexuality.

His words come as the Anglican Church continues to tear itself apart with wholesome Christian love we have become so familiar with in this worldwide organisation, because some of its number have a thing about sexuality.

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