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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tributes planned to that bloody woman

That bloody woman in Northern Ireland is to get tributes paid to her. But they may not be of the sort she'd like. She's a viciously homophobic pillock, and these tributes are going to be paid at a Gay Pride march in the Foyle region.

It's a six-day festival from 18 to 24 August, but mischievous organisers couldn't resist having Iris Robinson as a theme. We're not sure yet what they'll do with her image, but it could be interesting.

Robinson is the chair of the Assembly's Health Committee and also an MP in the UK Parliament, who infamously told gays they should visit a psychiatrist, and that homosexuality was an abomination. And she's refused so far to take back a word of it. She's also says gays are like paedophiles.

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