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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Let battle commence

Well, there promises to be a battle as the ten-yearly shindig that is the Lambeth Conference gets going today, and there's already a war between the Episcopals on the one hand, who dared to consecrate a gay bishop (after he'd been elected, moreover, which is what happens in the States) and the bigots who have set up their own organisation.

This is the conference at which the world's Anglican bishops get together to reinforce their prejudices, while some, no doubt, look for ways to reconcile differences.

But a quarter of the world's bishops aren't attending, because they have a thing about gays. Those who are attending will have the subject of sexuality not far from their lips, because, if one subject will dominate this decade, that will be it.

And the Archbishop of Cant, Rowan Williams, has launched the party with a published letter to Muslims, which says, according to a story in the UK's Daily Telegraph, that some Christian doctrines are offensive to their superstition (well, the Telegraph doesn't use that word).

Well diddums, then! Of course they are. Some aspects of Islam are offensive to Christians. Some aspects of both (and all the other) religions are offensive to right-thinking people. That's what religion is about: difference; we're right; our god is the true god; your religion has false prophets; you're talking bollocks.

If any religion is right, it can be only one religion. If one is right, the others are wrong. That's an irrefutable point of pure logic. Get used to it, guys.

He takes as one example the Trinity. "Discussing differences between the religions," says the Telegraph, "Dr Williams acknowledges that Christian belief in the Trinity is 'difficult, sometimes offensive, to Muslims'."

It goes on to explain that the Trinity is the Christian doctrine that states God exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and this conflicts with Islamic teaching that there is one all-powerful god.

Well tough shit, Archbishop! Let it go. You'll never agree, anyway.

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