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Friday, 18 July 2008

You're having a mosque whether you want one or not

People wrote letters complaining and the local council decided against it. But the politically correct Planning Inspectorate (possibly, but we don't know, bowing to some political pressure) has decided that the good people of Dudley are to have a huge £18 million mosque, whether they want it or not.

And it's to be on land that had been earmarked for employment purposes, too.

The BBC tells us that the West Midlands town's Muslim population appealed against the council's decision to turn down the huge building (pictured as an artist's impression), and won.

Religion wins out again – and gets to erect an out-of-character building to boot. If Muslims see so much as a mere image they don't like – even on a postcard used for advertising purposes by a police force – they complain, and get their way. Residents complain about what they probably perceive is going to be an eyesore in architectural terms, and one many of them will have to pass each day, and they get nowhere.

"The council received hundreds of letters from residents opposing the mosque," says the BBC, which continues, "A statement issued by the council said: 'The planning inspectorate has today allowed the appeal by Dudley Muslim Association over its application for a mosque and community centre in Hall Street, Dudley.' "

Stick your arse in the air five times and day and develop a disliking for pork and poofs, and who knows what you can achieve?


DocD said...

Good to see the Gay lobby siding with racists and Islamaphobes. Though I do have to commend you on your last quote which made a lot of 'us' laugh. Not all Muslims are homophobic matey

Mike Foxwell said...

No doubt not all Muslims are homophobic. Some of them are even gay! (Although there's no contradiction between being gay and homophobic; some of the worst homophobes have turned out to be gay, but I digress ...)

However, isn't it the case that all "good" Muslims (i.e. those who follow every literal detail of the Koran) must be homophobic? It cannot be for nothing that members of the gay Muslim group Imaan go in fear of their lives and hold their meetings in strict secrecy. Doesn't this suggest that there's a significant number of Muslims who are seriously homophobic and pose a credible threat to gay people?

We often here about the moderate majority of Muslims who are not homophobic, anti-Semitic, rascist, xenophobic etc. but, why are they so silent in criticising the alleged minority who are all of those things and more? Perhaps they, too, fear threats to their lives from the "religion of peace".

Anyone who wants to know about the real nature of Islam should read Anwar Sheikh's book Islam and Terrorism.

Not all those who hate what Islam stands for are rascists, any more than they are for hating what Christianity stands for.

Barney, Sheffield said...

DocD: No, not all Christians are homophobic, eihter, nor all Hindus, but it's the perception of Islam in general as being homophobic that he seems to to be going on about. (just as Catholicism is homophobic, of itself, although there are some Catholics who aren't). Anyway, who said anything about race? Since when was Islam a race? When did Cat Stephens change his ethnicity? Or Yvonne Ridley? both are Muslims, arnt they...

Anonymous said...

Sure, there are gay Muslims. But that doesn't change the Islamic doctrine. Homosexuals must be killed in Islam, just like adulteres must be stoned. They do it all the time in Iran and Sowdi Arabia and many other Islamic crap-holes in case you haven't noticed. And now they want to bring it to you.

Anonymous said...

Can someone actually point out to the BBC that there was a 26,400 petition handed in, the largest in Dudley's history and the local papers pointed out that the Council had rejected the idea on the grounds that the architecture was too big and unfitting with the town and as there was only 2.4% of the population Muslim in Dudley that their request was a none starter.
Can you please go to the BBC and make a complaint about this.
As for me I need somewhere to live away from Dudley, there will be a sea flow of them coming now, watch that %age rise.

Anonymous said...
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Pink Triangle said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So presumably if someone wanted to open a gay bar and local residents were vehemently against it it would be PC for the local authorities to OK it. Seems your big on minority rights only when its your minority

Pink Triangle said...
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Pink Triangle said...

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Anonymous said...

yeah you really show free speech, removing anti muslim comments. Sympathizers!