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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Death to the apostate!

Interfax tells us that Chechen separatists have sentenced to death their emissary, Ahmed Zakayev, because “they believe he renounced Islamic laws”.

Interfax quotes the separatists’ website: “Zakayev’s public speeches prove that he gave up Islam religion.” It points out that Zakayev adheres to “democratic religion, promotes secularism and prefers human laws to Shariah”.

All very sensible, really, of coure. But, if they really do believe that their sky-fairy law beats any other and the Islam is the wisest and best of religions, why do they give a monkey’s arsehole what this guy thinks? But there you go: the Religion of Peace™ is so dim-witted and brainless.

Way past the days when it may have made some sense from the point of view of tribal security for someone to leave the “faith”, they’re still backward enough in this benighted belief system to think things haven’t changed, or they just go blindly on without thinking anything through.

That’s prepackaged answers for you.

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Anonymous said...


The dhimmis are trying to obliterate the memory of 9/11 by renaming the anniversary 'Fluffy Bunny Day' or something similar.

Could all bloggers please remember to mark this anniversary with maximum publicity.

Also, another anniversary that the dhimmis would like to slip from public consciousness occurs next week. On the first of September 2004 a group of Islamic terrorists, following the example of their prophet 'the perfect man' , began the siege of Beslan school which resulted in the deaths of nearly 200 Christian children, with girls being raped and babies knifed. Many of the children were humiliated by being forced to drink their own urine before being killed. Humiliation of the kuffar is very important in Islam.

Please ensure this act of Islamic infamy is not forgotten.