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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Religious discrimination? You can bank on it!

Pssst! Wanna know how you can go into the red at your bank without much of a penalty, while most people are being shafted right, left and centre?

Easy. Convert to Islam.

Here’s how.

Religious discrimination? You bet!


Stuart Hartill said...

A bank account where an overdraft costs everyone except Muslims an arm and a leg?

cambusken said...

Should your really be following up dubious stories from the Allied Press? I doubt if this story will stack up - particularly since you are comparing apples (interest bearing accounts) with oranges (Sharia compliant accounts) (Yes, I know these are cobbled together, like Credit Derivatives, but they are NOT the same as interest bearing accounts, so please do not give wind to these prejudices (we have enough of our own).

Anonymous said...

It's the Daily Hatemail... I'd take anything from there with a Dead Sea-sized pinch of salt, to he honest.

Anonymous said...

So just go in the bank and shout Allah hu akbar when you start your account.

Richard T said...

Sadly no, on a sharia account, overdrawing does literally cost a hand first off then the arm and a leg for a second offence. Just don't try overdrawing a third time anywhere near a pile of stones.