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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Old Nick and Professor Dick

If you want to see some biased reporting from a publication that calls itself the Inquirer, take a look at this.

Writer Nick Farrell reports how the biologist and celebrated atheist Richard Dawkins’s website has been hacked.

Farrell talks of “Dawkin’s [sic] forum, where people pat themselves on the back about the non-existence of watchmakers”, and goes on to say, “Dawkins manages to miff almost everyone who has not accepted atheism into their hearts. He even attacks fellow scientists if they do not believe his vigorous nihilistic faith.”

Does he? Or does he challenge them in a scientific way? I haven’t read everything that Dawkins has put out here and there, in books, on the Net, in articles, in interviews, so I can’t say.

I doubt, though, somehow, that the good professor would champion scientific enquiry on the one hand and then, on the other, piss off fellow scientists in an unscientific way.

However, given that there’s an invitation under the article not merely to comment, but to “flame the author”, one suspects a bit of tongue firmly in cheek.

On the other hand, the man dabbles in the occult. Perhaps Old Nick is at home in the fire . . .

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