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Monday, 24 August 2009

Marriage is undermined – again!

“The spiritual leader of Ireland’s Roman Catholics has said that civil partnerships undermine marriage,” Pink News tells us.

The story continues:

Cardinal Sean Brady has expressed his disapproval of partnerships before.

Civil partnerships are already legal in Northern Ireland and there is legislation before the Republic of Ireland’s parliament to introduce them. The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has said it may support a legal challenge to new legislation.

Come off it, Cardinal. You’re just being an evil, bigoted old bastard. How do civil partnerships undermine marriage? Even if they were an alternative to marriage and therefore meant fewer “traditional” marriages in proportion to the number of civil partnerships, you’d just be a bigoted old bastard for complaining.

But they’re not. Same-sex people can’t marry, anyway. How do they undermine marriage, if there are still the same number of marriages happening with or without civil partnerships?

We can see through your arguments, old chum. Why don’t you just wrap yourself in a rubber johnny and chuck yourself in the Liffey?

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