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Thursday, 13 August 2009

When the gods had a disco

“The quarrel between religion and evolution has taken an interesting turn,” writes William Saletan in the Slate. “Instead of attacking religion, some Darwinists have embraced it as a product of human evolution. Now they’re debating to what extent this evolution was biological.”

Catholics are fond of telling us that they accept evolution and other aspects of science. They see them as much a part of God’s creation as the “miracles” of the New Testament, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection.

So for scientists specialising in evolution to look at that idea seems logical. Religion could have had some implications for survival, so it would have been incorporated into our being.

Certainly, some of the things believed in by religionists would have had explanatory value in the past. That awful racket in the sky must have been the gods having a disco, yes? What else?

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