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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Gaytheist – get discussing!

Pink Triangle and Gay & Lesbian Humanist magazine now have a discussion group to add to the mix.

Called Gaytheist, it’s one of the famous Yahoo! Groups, and you can join by adding your email address to the link on the sidebar or below this post. You’ll get an email to ask you to confirm that you own that address, and you click on a link. Easy-peasy.

Unlike some groups in the atheist/humanist/LGBT community – and I’m thinking of one in particular – Gaytheist does not believe in censoring your posts. What it does do is respect you as a mature person who will be responsible in your posts, and one who will not break the law by libelling other people, or will not be gratuitously offensive.

Gaytheist expects you to post appropriate material (be that an alert to the latest relevant story in a newspaper or magazine or on a blog or website); to alert other members to events; to ask questions; to comment on matters in the news that are relevant to the discussion group; comment on any other matters relevant to being gay and/or a nonbeliever.

It expects you to adopt other self-regulating qualities, such as not being racist, but, if you are suspected of being, expect other members to jump in and put you right. What is and isn’t racism is often open to debate, and people have been accused of racism when they’re talking about religious groups, such as Muslims and Buddhists, religions that boast members of all races – black, brown, yellow and white.

You don’t even need to be gay. The top-of-the-page description at the Yahoo! Groups site reads:

An uncensored discussion group for LGBT and straight gay-friendly atheists, agnostics and freethinkers that encourages free debate on all subjects loosely related to being gay and/or being a nonbeliever.”

To reiterate, to join Gaytheist, add your email address to the link below (or on the sidebar opposite). You’ll get an email to ask you to confirm that you own that address, and you click on a link to say yes.

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