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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Go, johnny, go, go, go!

I bet the Catholic nutjobs won’t be celebrating the latest “appearance” of their blessed virgin.

She’s appeared in – wait for it – a condom.

I’ve no idea where the picture is from, except that I unashamedly nicked it from Friendly Atheist (which we featured in Gay & Lesbian Humanist recently), and the author there, Hemant Mehta, says thanks to someone called Doug.

Well thanks, Hemant, and thanks, Doug.

The last “appearance” of the so-called Virgin Mary was in a tree stump in Ireland.

Now, as Hemant says in his own blog piece, he’s not sure whether someone created this or whether it just happened “post-coitum”.

Or maybe it signifies the second coming!

But you gotta laugh. I’m just waiting for an image of Mohammed in a piece of bacon.

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