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Friday, 14 August 2009

L’eau and don’t behold!

A French woman is prepared to leave her home country, it seems, because she’s not allowed to wear clothes while swimming in a public swimming pool.

This strange attitude makes sense once you know that she’s a Muslim.

She wants to wear a burqa in the pool in Emerainville, east of Paris, and the pool people say this would be a hygiene hazard.

The woman – named only as Carol, who is a convert to Islam – wanted to wear a “burkini”, a loose-fitting garment resembling a wetsuit with a hood. Now she’s claiming discrimination and she hasn’t ruled out leaving France.

There could be some sort of self-selecting process here – for selecting out moaning religionists. All God/Allah botherers who don’t like something about the culture they’re living in can have a moan and then go. We have a laugh, and then we’re rid of them.

Hey presto! Fewer moaning religionists.


libhom said...

She is almost certainly being coerced into this kind of behavior by male relatives.

Anonymous said...

France would be beter off if she just left. Then she could find out how nice it is living in a country where women have no rights