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Monday, 3 August 2009

Religion belongs to all of us

An interesting analysis of taking the piss out of religion is to be found in the Sunday Times (UK).

The thesis, indeed the headline, No religion should be above criticism, is that religion belongs to us all, and no one has the right to tell us to respect it, to disrespect it, not to make pieces of art about it, not to depict it in movies and so on and so forth.

That goes for all religions, of course. But one thing the writer talks about is an exhibition in which visitors were urged to write things in a bible. Imagine getting away with that if it were the Koran!

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Anonymous said...

The reason you wouldn't get away with it if it were the Qu'ran is that the Qu'ran is not equivalent to the Bible in its importance.

Christians believe that Jesus was God incarnate and that the Bible simply carries the message.

Muslims believe that Qu'ran is God's word from heaven and that Muhammed simply carried the message.