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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

God exists?

He asks the question and they give their answer, in the UK Channel 4 television programme Revelations: How Do You Know God Exists?, next Sunday at 7 p.m.

According to the BBC publication Radio Times, Antony Thomas went straight to the top to find out the answer. He asked the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, Muslim theologian Tariq Ramadan, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Hindu Swami Pramtattva.

The magazine asked Antony Thomas, “How many of them gave you a clear answer?”

They all said the same thing – God’s existence is evidenced by the goodness they see in people,” he replied, and “all of them, with the exception of Tariq Ramadan, wanted to see the questions in advance. I thought this was a bit strange – I’ve never been asked to do this before. And some of them refused to answer certain questions.

There could hardly be a more weird answer than the one they all gave. It seems that God implants a little goodness in people and stops at that. So much for an all-powerful, all-loving god!

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