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Monday, 31 August 2009

Nastier Ali’s twin evils

It’s just as well few people will take that idiotic Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, seriously. He’s an arch homophobe, for one thing – quite a nasty piece of work.

He’s sounding off now – well, again – about secularists, but he’s put us up there with radical Islamists.

Bishop of Rochester: Church of England must do more to counter twin threats of secularism and radical Islam, says a headline in Saturday’s UK Daily Telegraph.

The intro talks not just of secularism but “aggressive secularism”, whatever that is. I suppose it’s just secularism, but, since that is anathema to Mr Nastier Ali, it’s aggressive.

Many Jesus fans would agree with him, but, thankfully, many are sensible enough not to, and there are even secularists among religionists. Nothing wrong with religion per se: it’s when it gets organised that it’s dangerous, and begins to spawn evil pillocks like Michael Nazir-Ali.

As for radical Islamism, yes, no one wants that, but it's sleight of mouth in the extreme to associate that particular evil in people’s minds with a wish not to want Nazir-Ali and his control-freak cohort to run the country. Prat!

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